Unlocking Africa

Success Against the Odds: Building a Booming Property Business in Soweto with Nthabiseng Sejake

April 17, 2023 Episode 66
Unlocking Africa
Success Against the Odds: Building a Booming Property Business in Soweto with Nthabiseng Sejake
Show Notes

Episode #66 with Nthabiseng Sejake, who is a rising star in the world of property investment. Nthabiseng is the founder of B Evolution, a rapidly expanding rental business based in Soweto. Despite having a portfolio with dozens of quality apartments on three sites in Soweto, Nthabiseng's business has been unable to secure funding from South Africa's formal banking sector. 

Nonetheless, her company has thrived in a market often overlooked by traditional investors. During this episode, she shares her insights on the challenges facing entrepreneurs in the property sector and how she has navigated these obstacles to build a successful business.

What We Discuss With Nthabiseng

  • What is the current state of South Africa’s property industry? 
  • How do individuals operating independently, like yourself, succeed in accessing and establishing a foothold in the highly competitive real estate industry? 
  • Soweto is an iconic place with a rich history and culture, but the western media has always depicted it as a low-income and high-crime area. What is the reality of living and building a business in Soweto?
  •  What tips would you give to other budding property entrepreneurs in Africa? 
  •  What do you think the importance of people from Soweto playing a big role in the development and regeneration of the area is? 
  • And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here: Unlocking Africa show notes

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